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August 22, 2017 12:13 pm

Fast and Furiously Upgrading Your Car

After watching films such as The Fast and Furious or playing games like Need for Speed, anyone would be inclined to pimp out their own ride at least a little bit. Be it for aesthetics or functionality, giving your own car its own personality can make it stand out. Car repairs and upgrades can require a large cash outlay at once, which is why most of our members use credit cards or personal loans to spread the cost. Not all upgrades have to cost the earth though – here are a few ways to improve your car without spending too much.

Racing Pedals

Swapping out stock brake and gas pedals for racing pedals is more of a visual upgrade than one that’ll improve your car’s performance. Though you will feel the difference when stepping on them. Racing pedals can come in either steel or carbon fibre.

Steering Wheel

Get a new steering wheel to go with your racing pedals. Changing your steering wheel can be a practical decision as well as a cosmetic upgrade. Go for a steering wheel that provides a better. You could also try for a small-diameter steering wheel. Smaller steering wheels requires less input and effort in changing directions than a larger steering wheel.

Big Brake Kit

Everyone loves the look of a big brake set, especially when fitted on larger wheels. If you’re looking to tune up your engine, it’s advisable to improve the handling and stopping capability of your car before you start upping your engine’s output.

Carbon Fibre Body Parts

Replacing heavy metal panels with lightweight carbon fibre is another great way to upgrade your ride. It makes for a stark difference in the visual appearance of your car and the lighter weight will make it quicker on the road. In some cases, adding extra ventilation with for example a carbon fibre hood, can also improve the efficiency of your car’s cooling system.

Digital Gauges

Most modern cars already have digital car gauges but why not switch them out with something that will suit the street racer style that you’re going for? Or if you are still rocking the old needle gauges, it’s time to switch to digital.

Aftermarket Wheels

Shopping for wheels is like for new shoes. There are countless colors, styles and sizes to choose from. Keep in mind that typically the more affordable the wheel is, the heavier it will be.

Subwoofer and audio amplifier

Improving the audio system of your car is usually one of the first things to address. There’s always a certain level of appeal to adding a substantial decibel output to your car stereo. Adding a subwoofer will greatly increase the sound quality. Combo it with an audio amplifier and you can tweak and adjust the audio to your liking.

Racing Seats

To complete the racing look and feel, get a racing seat for your car. Racing seats are made to prevent drivers from sliding around when turning at top speeds. While you might not necessarily be going that fast in your day to day drive, a racing seat will provide better comfort and offer good lateral support as well as visual appeal.

Upgrading your car either visually or functionally can be a personal project for you to take. It’s a way to extend the reach of your personality and can put that mark that “that car is mine”. Funding an upgrade or even just raising the funds to pay for a repair can be tricky as it usually requires a large investment at once. Using a personal loan, you can easily spread the cost of an upgrade or a repair to your vehicle.

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January 24, 2017 12:58 pm

Things To Look For In A Second-Hand Vehicle Warranty

If you get a second hand vehicle, the chances of it having issues will likely be high. Then you need to know what to consider in a second-hand car warranty to make sure that you will have the best coverage for any conditions that will probably arise with your automobile. The problem that you could car detailing Melbourne encounter isn’t knowing what you should be looking for in these vehicles and that can easily result in, you believing that you have the right insurance coverage, only to discover that you don’t have enough insurance coverage in place.

An excellent item that you must look for in these is what type of usage the warranty will cover. Now you might not consider that this is that essential, however, you have to understand that if your automobile has too many mileage it might not be covered. Nevertheless, the firm might not tell you that you’re near to the limitation that they cover and tell you that you’ll have coverage when you might possibly not have it for a prolonged time frame.

Something else that you should think about in these is what all is covered. Quite often you may think that the warranty covers every aspect of the vehicle, but the chances might be present that it will never protect some portion of your automobile. This means you need to find out exactly what all aspects of the automobile are covered to ensure that the maintenance that needs to be made is covered.

At times you should find out how much the warranty can cost you as opposed to any possible maintenance expense that you will encounter. This is one thing that you may never thought of beforehand, however , you have to examine what kind of repair background the vehicle that you’re getting provides, nevertheless, you should also check and find out the expenses that those fixes usually charges. Then you will be able to weigh the advantage of having the warranty versus the potential cost that you may have on the fixes you’ve got.

Having the capacity to understand about the car that you plan for buying is a good idea. On the other hand, you can get that not knowing concerning the records of the vehicle you’ll probably be setting yourself up for a mechanical distress. Then you should know what to look for in a second-hand car warranty to ensure that you could have coverage in case you come across difficulties with your automobile.

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January 13, 2017 7:55 am

Choosing the Right Motorcycle for Motor Sports

Motor Sports are not just an ordinary riding routine just like the typical scenarios inroads. It deals with multiple competitive individuals who aim to be the fastest amongst others using their personally modified and created vehicles like race cars and motorcycles. In Motor Sports, a lot of people are engaging in motorcycle racing and motor rallying. Its venue is either on a customized road track or an off-road track for freestyling or for racing. Being involved in these sports entails several preparations like speed driving on curved roads, learning how to balance midair for freestylers, and increasing the speed without toppling or tumbling down the race track. The intenseness of these competitions greatly affects the stability of your motorcycle. Furthermore, it is essential to choose a right motorcycle for you to effectively join the race and win.

Here are some of the points you need to consider in choosing the right motorcycle.


The first and the most important thing to have in an efficient motorcycle is its engine. The engine serves as the activating system of the motorcycle that enables it to run and function properly as desired by the users. Picking a motorcycle, you should choose the highest performing engine. Many motorcyclists invest much on this part since it is what drives them to win; the better the performance, the higher the chance of winning. These engines evolved greatly with the advent of technology that your motorcycle’s speed increases and the tolerance also increases and is far different from the typical engines.


A heavy motorcycle is like a fat man joining a marathon. In racing, the competitors should be fit in order for them to have the proper stamina and more energy in the long run. The motorcycle that you will pick must not be too heavy and not light for you to compete properly in the race.

Braking System

An integral point to be considered is the braking system. In motorcycle races, the brakes function as the anchor of a motorcyclist in races that in certain curves, they get the chance to surpass the leading competitor with just a little bit of speed mixed with a proper applying of force in the brakes.


You should also take into account the comfortability in riding that motorcycle. The handling should be easy and the elevation of the seat should fit with your height and your hand extent. Most of the comfortable racers win since they don’t have a lot of things to get bothered with which further is the reason why they lose focus.

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